Metal Preparation


Metal Preparation

If all you need is to strip paint from your items and bring them back to base metal, we can do that for you. From burn off ovens to multiple blasting cabinets to conveyor driven automated shot peen equipment, Secoa has the capability to strip and prepare any type of metal surface.


  • 7’ wide x 6’ high x 8’ deep gas fired burn off oven
  • Capable of fitting parts up to 10’ long
  • Our burn off ovens are pollution controlled and fully compliant with local and state air quality regulations.


  • Walk-in blasting unit equipped with 80 grit aluminum oxide blast media.
  • Conveyor-driven automated blaster that uses steel shot peen blast media.
  • Tumble blaster for large quantities of smaller parts. Uses 80 grit aluminum oxide media.
  • Several hand blasters for those parts that require a little more attention and care.
  • Glass beading

To learn more about how Secoa Technology’s metal preparation can be of benefit to you, call us today at (706) 272-0133. We look forward to hearing from you.