Anti Weld Spatter Products Can Save You Money


Spatter is an irritating yet almost inevitable part of the welding process. Unfortunately, if left unchecked, spatter can swiftly build up on everything including the welding equipment and surroundings. In these circumstances, anti-weld spatter products are essential. When used correctly, they can prevent spatter from adhering where it is unwanted, enabling it to be quickly and easily removed. As a high-performance coatings specialist, we are able to offer a selection of anti-weld spatter coatings that can be applied to a variety of different surfaces. Cost-effective, easy to clean, and suitable for a wide range of applications, our anti-weld spatter options can transform your welding operation.

Weld nozzles, tips, and diffusers

– PerfectArcs™ is a one-coat, PTFE-free, water based coating specially designed to extend the life of your welding consumables such as nozzles, tips, and diffusers. With proper care, it is proven to extend the life of your consumables by as much as 20x.

Weld Fixtures

– FluoroClad SDFC™ is a two-coat water based dispersion that consists of a primer and a PTFE top coat. It is internally reinforced with titanium to further improve durability. This coating is specially designed to prevent the build-up of weld slag and spatter in the welding environment. All that is required to remove any spatter is a soft cloth, leather glove, or compressed air. This coating is stable to a continuous operating temperature of 500° F.

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