Secoa Metal Finishing

A Metal Finishing Company Offers Varied Finishing Services

A Metal Finishing Company Offers Varied Finishing Services

Metal finishing refers to the deposition of a metallic or non-metallic coating to either a metallic or non-metallic object, or a treatment that creates a thin film to enhance the function, performance, or appearance of a product to give added-value and increased marketability.

Types of Metal Coatings

As a metal finishing company that specializes in providing coating and plating services for industrial metal finishing, there are several types of coating and plating processes we provide.

Typically, coatings are applied where the substrate is immersed in a solution to which an electric current is applied. The type of solution used depends on the type of metal that will be deposited on the substrate, the addition of organic additives to improve metal distribution, and the use of conductivity and pH salts to optimize its character, appearance and stress.

One of the areas in which we have a great deal of expertise as a metal finishing company is electro-less nickel plating which means that the deposit is made without the use of a current. The reducing agent is a chemical, such as hydrazine, formaldehyde, and sodium hypophosphite, in a solution. The chemical acts as the catalyst to ensure the desired metal is coated onto the substrate. The development of electro-less copper solutions has been vital in the rise of additive printed circuit board processing.

Another one of our specialties is nickel boron coating, which is a type of electro-less coating. In this process the coating is deposited with a source of nickel ions, an aqueous solution in which either sodium borohydride or alkylamineborane acts as a reducing agent, a buffer, a control chemical and a complexant.

Metal Coating Applications

The types of coatings our company provides benefit the end user with excellent corrosion and chemical protection. Our nickel boron coating, for example, is a proprietary process that has been used in aerospace applications for landing gear parts, blades, vanes, and turbine components, and in the coating of firearms. Other industries we serve include dental, surgical and municipal and utility operations.