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Anti-Corrosion Coatings – Applications and Types

Anti-Corrosion Coatings – Applications and Types

Solid metal surfaces and sometimes non-metals are protected through the application of anti-corrosion coatings. In order to properly select a corrosion prevention system, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the corrosive environment that threatens your assets that need protection, such as buildings, bridges, vehicles, plant equipment, ships, and pipelines. The environments that require these coatings can be rural, urban, or in areas such as the open atmosphere, underground, under soil. Applications in the mining, marine, or industrial sectors can also make use of these coatings. At Secoa Technology, we offer a range of corrosion resistant coatings that can help you achieve important protection for your industrial assets.

The selection of one or more anti-corrosion coatings must be based on the substrate material itself as well as the type of conditions the material will be subjected to in the field.

Anti-Corrosion Options

We offer various types of products for the protection of parts from corrosion inducing substances such as chemical, water, and air. Some of these corrosion resistant coatings include:


Instead of using stainless steel, Plascoat may be applied to standard steel to give it the needed anti-corrosion protection. This is an optimum choice for applications in the architectural, municipal, and food industries.


Various applications can utilize a nylon polymer coating effectively. It is used to provide industrial equipment with effective resistance to corrosion. The automotive, medical, and IT industries all utilize nylon powder coatings. In particular, we provide Rilsan ® Nylon 11 coating for effective results.


Whether the application involves water valves are waste treatment, epoxy anti-corrosive powder coating is ideal for thin to heavy builds.

Other Polymers

Polymer coatings are effective for a range of different industrial applications. They are known for their anti-corrosion and durability characteristics. Applications that involve pumps, piping, offer and valves can benefit from these coatings. Specifically, some of the products we include PFA, PTFE, Halar, KF Polymer, and ETFE.

If you need corrosion protection for your products or equipment from chemicals or other elements, we can provide the anti-corrosion coatings that can get the job done.

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