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Protective Powder Coating Services: Types and Applications

Protective Powder Coating Services: Types and Applications

Equipment that is used for various types of industrial purposes needs to be maintained and oftentimes treated with special coatings to minimize potential damage and maintain optimal function ability. The protective powder coating services offered by Secoa Technology help businesses to maintain existing equipment and prepare new pieces of equipment for efficient use.

Powder Coatings

There are many kinds of powder coatings that have been created for various protective needs for industrial machinery. For instance, corrosion resistant coatings can protect metals from ultraviolet light and radiation, oxidation, water damage as well as various types of chemicals used during production processes. Certain types of architectural coatings protect metal tanks and buildings from damage for years and even decades. Moving machinery can benefit from release coatings which lubricate machinery parts that move and reduce friction while also helping prevent wear and abrasion. We offer a range of protective powder coating products at Secoa Technology that can be easily be applied in our shop located in Dalton, GA.


Various types of businesses use protective powder coating products to help maintain and preserve their equipment. For instance, the aerospace industry uses corrosion resistant coatings to minimize friction in the operation of equipment and machinery. The food processing industry uses release and corrosion resistant coatings to treat machinery so it complies with sanitation requirements. The architectural powder coatings offered by Secoa Technology are used by maintenance workers to clean surfaces that have been vandalized, prevent water tanks from rusting, and restoring old structures.


We do offer a wide array of protective powder coating products. However, we also provide services in the realm of product application for your equipment maintenance and preparation requirements. We can come to your facility and help you evaluate your coating needs based on the environment and ultimate desired outcome in an efficient and professional manner. You can count on our team to properly protect your equipment so it operates with optimal efficiency.

Properly applied powder coating treatment services can help prevent your equipment from corroding, rusting, and wearing down through the repetitive processes that involve friction. Equipment should be treated on a scheduled basis to ensure it is properly protected and will function efficiently for as long as possible, thus minimizing the need for other expensive repairs or premature equipment replacement.

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