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Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Steel – Types and Uses

Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Steel – Types and Uses

When your company has its production processes operating efficiently and at full capacity, it’s important for you to have confidence in the reliability of your machinery and equipment. Interruptions often mean lost revenue and profits. If machine parts fail due to deterioration involving corrosion rust, the problem may be that corrosion resistant coatings for steel were not properly applied in advance. At Secoa Technology, we provide high-quality coatings that prevent corrosion in machine and equipment parts.

Companies that routinely conduct manufacturing and industrial processes can mitigate these situations from happening by maintaining their tools and parts from the effects of rust and corrosion through the application of proper coatings in advance. The applications that can benefit from these coatings are numerous. With proper coatings applied to your machine and equipment parts, you can have the assurance that your industrial manufacturing processes will have a better opportunity to operate at an optimum level of efficiency.

Some of the corrosion resistant coatings for steel that are applicable in various situations include:

Inorganic Zinc

A particular type of anti-rust coating that is very effective are inorganic zinc coatings. They are especially useful for rust protection, saltwater protection, and resistance to detrimental weather conditions. As well, chemical plants and refineries use this form of coating to shield equipment and machinery parts from deterioration. Zinc-rich primers can be coupled with super-durable polyester coatings in an array of different colors to impart a highly corrosion resistance surface that is very attractive.


If you need protection against rust, epoxy coatings are highly effective. These coatings are sometimes applied at a 4 to 6 mm thickness. However, sometimes a thicker application of 8 mm may be used in situations where rust is highly likely to occur. Epoxy also has the effect of diminishing chemical erosion. Epoxy powders are a very cost-effective corrosion protection solution in appropriate situations.

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