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Does Powder Coating Rust?

Does Powder Coating Rust?

As it regards products that are used to finish surfaces, there is no such thing as a product that will provide a finish that lasts forever, so to speak. However, there are finishing products that can do the job for a very long time – and this is what you get when you use a high quality powder coating. At Secoa Technology, we provide our customers with superb quality coatings that are useful in a variety of industrial applications.

Powder coating offers excellent resistance to abrasion, peeling, chipping, cracking, rust and other types of damage stemming from chemical exposure. Although powder coating is not immune to deterioration, it is a highly durable coating, applies in the uniform fashion, keeps its loss in color, offers superb UV stability and is more environmentally friendly than liquid paint options.

Why the Durability of Powder Coating?

Powder coating provides better coverage than other applications, including liquid paint. The coating is applied, baked, and cured in a short number of minutes and produces a protective layer that is resistant against the most severe external elements. However, if damage occurs to the power coated layer, moisture can penetrate and open the door for rust to develop.

Unaddressed Damage Can Facilitate Rust

The automotive industry uses powder coating extensively in order to prevent the occurrence of rust on automobile surfaces. Damage that occurs to vehicles through the impact of stones, rock chips, and gravel while traveling at high speeds can break down the protective powder coating and must be addressed promptly in order to prevent moisture from moving under the finish, allowing rust to form. Rust can spread quickly if it is not addressed. Scratches, chips, cracks should be taken care of quickly in order to prevent the spread of rust.

In order to help ensure that a powder coating finish has an as long service life as possible, it must be properly applied and also maintained adequately during and after its installation.

If you need a strong and effective powder coating for any of your automotive, industrial, or manufacturing applications, our team at Secoa Technology can help you find the solution you need.