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Examining Different Types of Industrial Coatings

Examining Different Types of Industrial Coatings

A number of different industries take advantage of the various finishes available to enhance metal components. Before selecting any type of finish for a particular material, it’s important to consider some important factors at the start – including the type of wear and impact the material is going to endure throughout its service life. Additionally, there are particular specialty coatings that may address other requirements, such as nickel boron plating, anti-rust coatings, and anodizing coatings. At Secoa Technology, we offer different types of industrial coatings that address a number of various requirements.

Industries That Benefit

The various industries that can take advantage of the benefits of specialized coatings include aerospace, firearms, and automotive. The specific application involved as well as the particular type of metal substrate will dictate the type of coating selected. Various machinery components and parts can benefit from the application of these coatings.

Below are some of the different types of industrial coatings used in various types of industrial applications.

Powder Coating

This type of coating provides resistance to impact, chips, where, solvents, scratches, and salt spray. It is highly cost-effective, maintains its color durability, and offers a lengthy service life.

Hard Anodized Coatings

For the resistance to wear and corrosion you need, hard anodized coatings provide an excellent solution. With the application of this coating, a thick layer of oxide rests on the metal which improves the ability of paints, primers, and glues to adhere to the surface.

The durability and lifespan of metal and plastic parts are enhanced by the application of the specialty coatings mentioned above. They also provide excellent friction and abrasion resistance. Through the proper application and maintenance of these coatings, you can minimize future costs associated with repair and replacement due to the strengthening and protection against deterioration provided to these surfaces.

Consulting with a Coatings Professional

At Secoa Technology, we are here to help you find and apply the right specialty coating among the different types of industrial coatings available to the surfaces you need to protect. Call us today at (706) 272-0133 to learn how we can serve your industrial coating needs.