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Exceeding Competitors’ Anodizing Standards for Wear and Corrosion Resistance

Exceeding Competitors’ Anodizing Standards for Wear and Corrosion Resistance

At Secoa Technology, we are experts in the breakthrough, advanced nano-ceramic and color anodizing treatments that make our customers’ products stand out in their markets. Secoa Technology is a licensed applicator for DiamonDyze™, one of just a few in the USA, a nano-ceramic which exceeds the anodizing standards of our competitors.

Our Anodizing Processes

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that produces hard, uniform oxide films on the surface of a metal. Electrical and thermal insulating properties also accompany the end result of anodizing. With aluminum, for example, the aluminum surface is converted to an integral aluminum oxide as an anodic film is formed. For all anodized metals, the finish produced is exceptionally durable and hard.

Type II anodizing is performed primarily for corrosion resistance and appearance purposes. It is offered in various colors. Type III anodizing is carried out in the same manner as Type II, with minimal adjustments to the process. Type III anodizing is carried out at lower temperatures and creates a smoother, harder, denser, and higher wear resistant surface than Type II. The results, in any event, are greater than anodizing standards upheld by other competitors in the industry.

Let’s go over some of the improvements that DiamonDyze can bring about in your current anodize applications:

Advantages of DiamondDyze

Two specific and integrated characteristics benefit the substrate surface through the use of DiamonDyze. The first is, color can be added without the need for additional steps. Secondly, various protective qualities can be added to the material.

  • Provides solid chemical resistance
  • Enhances the ability to withstand wear and tear
  • Creates a smoother surface with fewer pores
  • Is more profitable for the environment as it uses fewer toxic materials and less energy
  • Customers can choose from many available standard colors, including shades from the blending of existing colors
  • Produces good thermal resistance
  • Produces greater corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum is the most popular metal used for this process although other metals can be anodized

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