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FDA Compliant Powder Coating

FDA Compliant Powder Coating

In many industrial and manufacturing processes, some lubricants and chemicals cannot be used. This is the case for companies that manufacture food, medical devices or pharmaceutical products that will go on or in the human body. We offer an FDA compliant powder coating process that is designed to protect your machinery and act as a lubricant. We use only materials that are safe, resist corrosion and protect your equipment from common problems such as getting dusty or overheating.

Some lubricants attract dirt and dust. This may not be acceptable for your machinery or the products that you manufacture. We offer powder coating with epoxy, nylon and polyester. These high-grade coatings are made to last. Even if your production process involves corrosive materials, you can count on our quality coatings to stand up to constant exposure without degrading or damaging your equipment.

The process of applying one of these coatings for food or drug production machinery is swift and simple. We work around your schedule in order to make sure your supply chain keeps moving on time. If you want the coating put on a new piece of machinery, we can do it before the piece goes into your production line. Once we apply the coating, we test it in order to ensure that it is ready for your application.

You may be unsure of which type of powder coating is best suited to your needs. Our engineers can meet with you in order to discuss your process and what type of powder coating would be best suited to your application. We do not sacrifice on quality, but we are able to provide our powder coating services at competitive prices. Every coating that we perform includes a satisfaction guarantee.

Our associates can also provide you with documentation about our process and the materials that we use. You may need this for any FDA inspections of your facility. We look forward to helping you boost the efficiency and productivity of your business.

For more information, give us at Secoa Technology a call today. You may also visit us online at for additional details about our powder coating services.