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Fluoropolymer: More Than a Nonstick Coating

Fluoropolymer: More Than a Nonstick Coating

The polymers are a large class of compounds. Members of this class can fall into either natural or synthetic classifications. Recognizable members are silk, rubber, wool, and plastics. Fluoropolymer is a member of the polymer family and it contains molecules of both fluorine and carbon. Fluoropolymer is a synthetic polymer engineered originally for its nonstick properties, but today, it has become so much more than a nonstick coating.

The Properties of Fluoropolymer

Applying a fluoropolymer coating conveys so much more than the ability to prevent adherence to the substrate metal. Since initial discovery in the 1930s, research reveals the diverse properties added to the substrate surface by a polymer coating. At Secoa Technology, our staff utilizes the fluoropolymers because of the following functional qualities:

  • Durability
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Extraordinary chemical resistance
  • Exceptional electrical resistance
  • Notable abrasion resistance
  • Friction reduction
  • Low surface tension
  • Resistance to galling
  • Tolerant of high temperatures
  • Water repellant qualities
  • Weather resistant

Of course, we recognize that fluoropolymers provide the surface metal with a smooth, hard, slick, and nonstick coating.


These characteristics have made the fluoropolymers more than a one-purpose coating. In fact, this type of coating is in high demand for a variety of industries. Its capabilities extend into some very high tech industrial operations. At Secoa Technology, we know there is a market for fluoropolymers in the following industrial concerns:

  • Aerospace
  • Commercial Baking and Food Processing
  • Heavy Industrial Equipment
  • Medical

We serve their needs by providing them with the protection that only fluoropolymers and other similar coatings can provide.

Fluoropolymer: More than a Nonstick Coating

Fluoropolymer coatings are not simply a one-purpose, one industry product. At Secoa Technology, we employ this particular polymer in a variety of applications. While the food industries continue to enjoy the benefits of this polymer’s nonstick coating properties, other industrial concerns are quickly discovering how it can protect and enhance their components. Let our company be the one to introduce you to the benefits of fluoropolymer. To learn more, call us at 706-272-0133.