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How Metal Finishing Benefits the Textile Industry

How Metal Finishing Benefits the Textile Industry

The equipment used in the textile industry is constantly subjected to a bevy of harsh conditions. When components of textile industry equipment are left unprotected, they are highly vulnerable to damage, and often have very short service lives. Regularly fixing and replacing machinery is expensive and best avoided. Fortunately, metal finishing can be used to prevent damage and prolong equipment service life.

Protection Against Abrasion A big part of textile production involves converting raw materials into yarns and fabrics. The raw materials in question — which may be natural fibers like wool and cotton or synthetic fibers like polyester — are often highly abrasive. Consequently, the machines used to process them can get worn down quickly if proper precautions aren’t taken. Metal finishing can be used to combat this issue, as abrasion-resistance is a key feature of many types of metal coating.

Protection Against Extreme Temperatures Most modern textile manufacturing is a high-volume affair, which means machines must often operate at extremely high speeds in order to meet production quotas. When textile production machines operate at high speeds, they generate a lot of friction, and by extension, a lot of heat. Using temperature resistant metal coatings on such equipment can prevent damage from this extreme heat.

Protection Against Corrosive Chemicals Various chemicals are used throughout the textile production process, many of them highly corrosive. Such chemicals can have a detrimental effect on unprotected equipment. Fortunately, chemical resistance and anti-corrosion properties are common features in metal finishing products. Applying the right metal coating to textile production equipment can prevent avoidable chemical damage.

Protection Against Production Downtime As the old adage goes time is money. In textile production, anytime machinery is not producing, money is being lost. Metal finishing can help combat downtime by protecting wear parts and keeping the machinery running efficiently.

Metal finishing plays a valuable role in the textile industry, protecting equipment from abrasion, extreme heat, and harsh chemicals. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of metal finishing, or if you’re looking for a metal finishing provider in Georgia, contact Secoa Metal Finishing at (706) 383-2893 or