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Importance of Fluoropolymer Coating and Its Applications

Importance of Fluoropolymer Coating and Its Applications

Fluoropolymers are referred to as ‘super paints’ by some. This is because Fluoropolymers are very versatile and durable. They have certain qualities which makes Fluoropolymer coatings suitable for numerous industrial applications especially where extra protection and durability is very important.

At Secoa Technology, we offer Fluoropolymer coating options for various applications to reduce wear and tear and extend the life of the affected parts. Here are some of its benefits and applications associated with this process:

Heat Resistance

One of the advantages of Fluoropolymers is their ability to resist heat. Some Fluoropolymers coatings can operate at temperatures of 260°C (500°F). For this reason, they are used to coat electrical wirings. This ensures that the wires remain insulated even during a fire. The insulation helps to avoid short circuits that could cause the fire to spread even further, becoming difficult to contain.

The heat resistant properties of Fluoropolymers also make them ideal materials for coating protective wear used by firefighters and other emergency crews. Not only is it effective in protecting against fires, but is also used to protect against other hazards like chemicals.

Non Stick

The smooth surface achievable using this type of coating provides a non-stick surface, allowing very few substances to adhere to it. The exceptionally high non-stick property of Fluoropolymer coating also comes in handy when it comes to making products that are easy to clean. This makes it suitable for applications such as the manufacturing of non-stick pans and many other products within the food industry.

Wear Resistant

Cables that run underwater are very susceptible to erosion and wear and tear. Fluoropolymers are used to provide an extra level of protection that increases the life of these cables despite the harsh underwater environment.

Secoa Technology is an industry leader when it comes to providing the right coating solutions for various industrial applications. We have 50 years of experience and we can use our expertise to find the best solutions for your needs. Our solutions help protect your equipment and minimize your maintenance requirements – all of which benefits your business’s operation and efficiency. Find out more about our services by visiting our website today. You may also contact us to discuss you Fluoropolymer coating needs.