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Industrial Powder Coating Services for the Protection of Your Equipment

Industrial Powder Coating Services for the Protection of Your Equipment

It is necessary to treat specific types of equipment in industrial settings with specialized coatings to minimize and prevent their corrosion and damage. The industrial powder coating services we provide at Secoa Technology involve the application of special coating products for businesses that need to maintain existing equipment and prepare new equipment for use.

Powder Coatings

Various kinds of powder coatings have been developed to provide protective shields for industrial equipment. These coatings can protect metals from various threats, including chemicals, ultraviolet light irradiation, oxidation, and water damage. To prevent wear and abrasion, these coatings are applied which lubricate machinery and reduce friction between parts. Metal tanks and buildings are often protected by specialized architectural coatings, extending their lives for several decades.


Industrial powder coating services are used by a variety of businesses to protect and sustain equipment for long term use. As an example, food processing companies apply coatings to machinery to adhere to sanitation requirements and prevent contamination. The aerospace industry also uses these coatings to minimize friction. Public maintenance is also another application that can benefit from architectural powder coating services – specifically to clean vandalized surfaces, protect water tanks from developing rust, and facilitating the restoration of old buildings. We can also provide you with customized coatings to match your specific requirements.


An experienced and reliable provider of industrial powder coating services may provide help with equipment preparation and maintenance. Such a company will have experienced technicians on hand to conduct a site visit to your facility and make sure your coatings are applied in an accurate and timely manner. After the work of these technicians is finished, you can have confidence that your equipment will be protected and ready for efficient use going forward.

Powder coating services are designed to help insure your machinery and equipment operate with the necessary efficiency for the long term. A single treatment can protect equipment from corrosion, rust, and other debilitating effects due to friction. By applying repetitive treatments to equipment, the service life of these assets can be extended, helping to eliminate the need for equipment repairs and replacements.

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