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Powder Coating for Manufacturing Applications

Powder Coating for Manufacturing Applications

It takes a special kind of metal finishing solution to keep a manufacturing operation running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Powder coating is one such solution. Tough, non-toxic, and able to withstand a variety of harsh conditions, powder coating is ideal for all kinds of manufacturing applications. 

Two of the primary benefits of powder coating are durability and friction reduction. These properties work in tandem to keep machines in prime operating condition. Applying powder coating to manufacturing equipment can drastically reduce the effects of everyday wear and tear, preventing the need for frequent part maintenance or replacement and minimizing unnecessary downtime. 

In addition to durability, powder coating boasts excellent heat and corrosion resistance. These features make powder coating a logical choice for manufacturing applications that involve tricky elements like extreme temperatures or excessive exposure to moisture. 

Powder coating is also safe and eco-friendly. While many more traditional finishing options contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), powder coating does not. When released indoors, VOCs can cause health issues for people who are exposed to them. When released outside, VOCs can cause air, water, and soil pollution. Choosing powder coating is one way for manufacturers to protect themselves, their employees, and the environment without sacrificing efficacy. 

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