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Powder Coating Services: Using Plascoat

Powder Coating Services: Using Plascoat

Corrosion occurs throughout many different environments. Often times, architectural, industrial, and commercial structures are affected. Equipment supports and other machinery and devices fall prey to corrosive elements unless steps are taken to protect them. At Secoa Technology, we ensure the longevity and durability of your components through our various powder coating services.

Turning to Plascoat

While polyester, nylon, and epoxy powder coatings are common protective coverings for the substrate metals, a lesser known substance is making strides in Europe, Australia, and North America. This is Plastcoat, a thermoplastic powder coating. Once restricted to being used on dishwasher racks and other commonplace stainless steel equipment, it has since been making inroads into other markets. These include municipal, architectural, and food industries.

The product offers low maintenance costs while minimizing any production of hazardous gas fumes. Overall, Plascoat plastic powder coating possess the following features or properties:

  • Robustness
  • Durability
  • High performance
  • Low toxicity this includes the emission of fumes or other gases
  • Versatility
  • UV resistant
  • Extremely long-living or lasting
  • Impervious to animal urine and graffiti
  • Has approval for both water and food contact
  • Extremely low water absorption

In addition, this coating provides outstanding anti-corrosion properties. In fact, our engineers say it is the best in terms of resisting abrasive and harsh environments. It can easily withstand wear-and-tear as well as exposure to a hostile environment without any effect on its ability to perform. Plascoat also does not require primer or curing, making it a great option for our powder coating services.

Powder Coating Services and Plascoat

We offer our clients a wide variety of means through which they can protect their valuable components from degradation and destruction. The selection will depend upon the substrate metal, client preference and the intended purpose of the part. Among our many powder coating services, we proudly offer the versatile, durable and cost-effective Plascoat.