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Protective Metallic Coatings – Types and Benefits

Protective Metallic Coatings – Types and Benefits

Protective metallic coatings refers to coatings that consist of a metallic element or metal alloy and can be applied to the surface with the use of a sprayer in a chemical, electrochemical, or mechanical manner. Very often, these coatings are applied to equipment that requires a glossy or shiny appearance as well as protection from oxidation, corrosion, and sunlight. At Secoa Technology, we offer metallic coatings that can be used to provide exceptional protection for equipment and industrial settings.

A metallic coating consists of a protective layer that is corrosion resistant and can defend the surface against severe environmental conditions by modifying the properties of the material’s surface. Various methods are used to apply metallic coatings to a surface. A few are listed below:

Hot Dip Galvanizing

This galvanizing process consists of coating steel, iron, or ferrous materials with a zinc layer. The process is carried out by moving the metal through molten zinc at a very high temperature of 860°F (460°C). What forms from the process is zinc carbonate (ZnCO3), a material with considerable strength to protect steel surfaces and prevents corrosion.

Thermal Spraying

With this spraying process, metallic coating materials that are finely divided are placed in a molten or partially molten condition to develop a coating. The coating material itself can be in the form of wire, powder, molten, or ceramic rod materials.


The process of electroplating involves coating a metal surface with another thin layer of metal through electrolysis which serves to enhance the corrosion resistance of the metal.

Various types of coatings can be applied to a metal surface. The type of coating selected must be determined based on the characteristics and use of the metal product. Some metal coatings are specifically formulated to protect metal against corrosion, rust, debris, and dirt. These applications can involve automobiles, boats, trains, airplanes, and other heavy outdoor equipment. The surfaces of these items are often exposed to different types of potentially harmful agents such as oil, dirt, fuel, and lubricants.

In other instances, metal coatings are applied as torque agents or for lubricating purposes. Some examples include bolts, screws, and other metal fasteners treated with a type of metal coating that allows them to be tightened or unscrewed in a much easier manner.

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