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PTFE in Non-Cookware Applications

PTFE in Non-Cookware Applications

Fluoropolymer Coating in Non-Cookware Applications

The fluoropolymer coating, PTFE, is well known for its cookware applications, thanks to its lubricity and temperature resistance. However, coating cookware is far from the only application for PTFE. PTFE is used for myriad applications in the aerospace industry, the medical industry, the automotive industry, and the chemical industry, to name a few.

PTFE in the Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, there is a high demand for coatings that can reduce friction, prevent corrosion, and withstand extreme temperatures. PTFE meets all of these requirements. As a result, PTFE is used for hydraulic systems, cable insulation, coating surfaces (such as aircraft wing components), fuel hoses, and many other aerospace applications.

PTFE in the Medical Industry

In addition to having excellent low friction properties, heat resistance, and chemical resistance, PTFE is highly biocompatible, which makes it extremely useful in the medical industry. PTFE is used for medical applications such as coating needles, hypotubes, surgical tools, and even medical implants.

PTFE in the Automotive Industry

Thanks to its corrosion resistance and durability, PTFE is used for a number of automotive applications. PTFE can be applied to fuel system components, suspension components, door and window seals, connecting rods, and other automotive components to improve the function and longevity of a vehicle.

PTFE in the Chemical Industry

Fluoropolymer coatings like PTFE are very chemical resistant. Consequently, PTFE is used for a variety of applications in the chemical industry. For example, PTFE is often found in hoses and connectors that are used to transfer chemicals. To learn more about fluoropolymer coating and its many uses, contact Secoa Metal Finishing today. We provide finishing solutions for a vast range of applications in all kinds of industries. Call (706) 383-2893 or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you.