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Social Solutions: Coatings for Municipal Water Pipes and More!

Social Solutions: Coatings for Municipal Water Pipes and More!

When cities and municipalities are installing new water or sewer pipes for municipal purposes, it is a good idea to protect the investment with durable coatings that protect against corrosion, mineral buildup and rust. We are proud to offer quality coatings for municipal pipes and waterworks accessories. These coatings protect and preserve the structural integrity of the pipes, connections, seals, fittings and pumps.

Secoa Metal Finishing offers a wide variety of coating options. Our company is the leader in fluidized bed dipping of water meters, valves and related components. Our low-cost iron coatings allow cities, towns and villages to reduce their expenses and preserve the quality of the water that they provide to their residents. We also make a holiday-free coating that can be applied to gray or ductile iron. With proper pipe maintenance this coating allows the pipes to remain free of corrosion for their entire expected lifespan. The coatings last for decades, even in places with hard water.

Our other options for coating of municipal pipes include rilsan nylon 11, which is a type of polyamide. We also offer coatings made from epoxy powders and high-build thermoplastics. If you are unsure of which coating would be the best one, Secoa engineers can help you decide. Our engineers and associates can review your water sample results, application requirements and other details in order to assist you in choosing the best coating option for your municipal pipes.

In addition to pipe coatings, we help municipalities with bridge coatings. Our Ultraseal product protects the metal components of bridges from rust and corrosion. Your bridges will last longer and have fewer needs for repair when you keep them sealed and maintained with our Ultraseal coating.

If your municipality has a lot of railings on walks or buildings, our powder coatings are a wise choice. These coatings protect the lifespan of the metal and reduce the risk of rust and corrosion. This is important for railings that get a lot of contact from people’s hands. Skin contains oils, sweat and other substances that could degrade the metal of a railing. With our coating on the metal, there will be less damage.

We can also provide you with high-visibility coatings. These are ideal for step edges and other places where safety is a concern. Our associates can also help you with the application of textured and non-slip surfaces in order to enhance safety.

Our coatings for infrastructure protect equipment and help it last longer. The coatings increase the durability and reduce chemical reactions that lead to buildup in the pipes or corrosion of the finish. For more information about our coatings for use on municipal water and sewer pipes, give us a call at 706-272-0133. You may also visit us online at for additional details about the coatings we apply and how our application process for these coatings.