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The Importance of Anti Rust Coatings

The Importance of Anti Rust Coatings

Precision-machined components require a significant investment in engineering and machining resources. Once you have obtained parts that live up to your company’s quality-control expectations, the last thing you want is for them to fall victim to any corrosive elements that have the potential to vastly decrease their life-expectancy. One of the most common chemical reactions that can compromise a part is oxidation, which results in rust. Therefore, it is imperative that you invest in anti rust coatings for all of your precision-machined parts.

At Secoa Technology, we specialize in fast, affordable metal finishing services in order to maintain the integrity of your high-tech machined components. We are well-equipped to provide top-of-the-line anti rust coatings that extend the life of your components and improve the performance of your parts.

Adverse Effects of Rust

Rust is an iron oxide that takes the form of an orange powder on the surface of metal, and is caused by a reaction between iron and oxygen. Any metal that contains iron will rust when exposed to air and water, and can severely compromise the metal overall. Rust eventually weakens the metal—causing it to look rough and orange—by replacing strong iron or steel with a flaky powder.

Rust can also cause friction and thereby increase resistance between two parts that are meant to slide over one another smoothly. If enough friction is created, it can cause sheet metal to form holes, which is why rust is so damaging to the steel used to make cars and other large structures. In addition, it can negatively impact the performance of a magnetic part because rust is less magnetic than iron. Because rust is also an insulator, it does not conduct electricity well. So if electronic conductors are made with iron, rust will compromise their performance.

Preventing Rust with Anti Rust Coatings

Due to the negative effects that rust can have on certain metals, utilizing our anti rust coatings is imperative. At Secoa Technology, we offer coatings that prevent corrosion and provide chemical protection. Our products are specifically engineered to protect your components from degradation (which can be caused by moisture and oxidation), and most importantly, increase the life expectancy of your precision-machined components.