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Thermal Spray Coating: Processes And Choice Criteria

Thermal Spray Coating: Processes And Choice Criteria

Thermal spray originated in the late 19th century. Between 1882 and 1889, M.U. Schoop registered patents for the earlier predecessor of a thermal spray coating process. By the end of World War II, advances made the process more economically feasible and improved the overall capabilities of the application. Today, it is possible to apply a variety of both metallic and non-metallic coatings to materials.

Four Categories

The application of such coatings falls into one of four major categories. These are:

  • Flame Spray
  • Electric Arc Spray
  • Plasma Arc Spray
  • High-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF)

These supply the energy to heat the material used in the coating process. The result is either a molten or a semi-molten state. In turn, these heated particles are propelled towards the designated surface in one of two ways:

  • Gases
  • Atomization jets

The particles hit the surface and bond with it to create the effect specified by the client. For thicker layers, the operator will apply further layers of the sprayed particles.

Choice Criteria

At Secoa Technology, we select the appropriate thermal spray method by talking to our clients and considering the variables including:

  • Requirements: What is the purpose of the coating? What will be the working environment?
  • Preference: What type of coating do you want?
  • Budget: What is your budget?
  • Size, Shape, and Thickness: What are the size, shape and thickness of the components?
  • The Surface of the Workpiece: Is it a single-phase material e.g. metal, a composite or layered?

Having this information will help us decide the ideal thermal spray coating for the surface substrate of the workpiece.

Thermal Spray Coating

Thermal spray is an evolving technology. At Secoa Technology, our professional staff is here to help guide you in your choice of the right thermal spray coating for your components. Whether you are looking for one that provides water or resistance or even both, our technicians are ready to offer their expertise.