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What Is Aluminum Anodizing?

What Is Aluminum Anodizing?

Consumers want their products to last as long as possible. Manufacturers and fabricators work together to ensure this by selecting appropriate metals. Where the environmental factors may be particularly harsh on the product and all its components, companies elect to protect further the material through one of many possible methods. One possible process is anodizing. At Secoa Technology, our experienced professionals not only understand completely what is aluminum anodizing, but they also are fully aware of the variations in the process.

Anodizing is a process utilizing an acid solution to convert the surface of the metal into corrosion and wear resistant anodic oxide finish. The result of this electrochemical treatment is both durable and attractive. Among the many metals that can undergo anodizing – including magnesium and titanium, aluminum is among the most ideally appropriate, and it is the one that Secoa Technology has chosen to focus its process on. Secoa Technology does not offer anodizing on metals other than aluminum.

At Secoa Technology, a typical anodizing process follows the following steps:

  • Pre-treatment – includes
    • Clean to remove any oils or contaminants followed by a rinsing
    • Etch – satin, matte finish or bright rinse
  • Treatment involves anodization coating between0.1 to 1.0 mil thick. The direct current passes through the aluminum component which sits submerged in a bath consisting of water and one of the following acids
    • Sulfuric
    • Chromic
    • Phosphoric
    • Rinse

After anodizing, the aluminum component may undergo further processes including dying or coloring. Sealing of the part then occurs to enhance and ensure the desirable characteristics of the finished product remain intact.

Aluminum anodizing is a process that not only produces improved corrosion resistance; it also results in an enhanced appearance, better adhesive bonding, better-quality paint adhesion and superior capacitance for electronic applications. At Secoa Technology, our staff will work with you to choose the most appropriate method of anodizing to match your specifications and industry.