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What is Anti-Rust Coating? What are its Industrial Benefits?

What is Anti-Rust Coating? What are its Industrial Benefits?

Applying the proper anti-rust coating to steel provides it with essential protection against the deteriorating effects that occur from exposure to water. Such exposure that produces rust can negatively affect the performance of various components and leave open the possibility of a critical equipment failure at some point. At Secoa Technology, we provide anti-rust and other types of anti-corrosion coatings for steel and metals that work effectively in the most challenging industrial environments.

The Detrimental Effects of Rust

An oxidation reaction occurs when oxygen encounters iron. The resulting reaction produces iron oxide that manifests as an orange powder (rust) on the metal’s surface.

Rust can develop on iron and steel when they are subjected to water and air. Therefore, the use of anti-rust coating is very important. Certain types of metals have oxidation reactions that result in a less rapid process of corrosion. As an example, brass, copper, and bronze form a patina that shields these metals.

Reducing Strength

As it concerns steel and iron, however, rust can significantly reduce the strength of structural elements manufactured with these materials. Rust, which takes the place of the metal itself, reduces its thickness and can even leave holes in beam webs and other structural components.

Compromising Performance

The performance of parts affected by rust can also affect industrial operations. As the flaky powder develops on the surface of a metal, it can create unwanted friction in certain applications.

For instance, the operation of two parts designed to slide past each other with zero or little resistance can be inhibited by the development of rust on one or both surfaces. In addition, since rust does not have the magnetic strength of iron, it can negatively affect the performance of magnetic parts.

Rust that develops in electronics made with iron or iron alloys can damage the performance of those devices by decreasing their ability to conduct electricity.

As a result of the negative effects imposed by rust, it is important to apply the proper anti-rust coating to particular steel and iron surfaces. At Secoa Technology, we offer a range of coatings that inhibit corrosion and protect against the debilitating effects of chemicals on metals.

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