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What is Epoxy Coating for Steel?

What is Epoxy Coating for Steel?

At Secoa Technology, we deliver high-quality material selections to our customers. You can count on us as your coating experts when it comes to issues involving material compatibility and corrosion protection. We provide a high-quality epoxy coating for steel and metals that benefit a range of businesses and industries.

As it concerns industrial metal finishing, we have extensive experience and have gained recognition as a leader in the arena of epoxy powder coating.


The applications that can benefit from epoxy powder coating for steel involve various wet applications such as:

  • Water valves
  • Surface protection
  • Waste treatment
  • Transportation
  • Other metal coatings

Powder coatings provide a protective layer on the surface that guards against external forces. Epoxies are excellent at repelling water and moisture. It offers strong surfaces that create a hard bond during the application and curing process.

At Secoa Technology, in the realm of metal coatings, our focus is on bringing down the level of substrate degradation. Factors such as UV exposure, moisture, oxidation, chemical reactions, and general wear and tear can all cause steel degradation. Epoxy coating for steel is designed to mitigate these factors by introducing a protective layer that provides strong resistance to corrosion, degradation, and impact.

Advanced Coating Technology

The advance technology solutions we provide help the customer save money and time. The biggest issues are customers relate to us are the problems they have with plastics machining vendors. Through our expertise, we have developed smooth burr-free coatings that remove the most pertinent issues that involve coatings – stress cracking and clarity.

Our team at Secoa Technology provides various epoxy powder coating options for fluoropolymers, fluidized bed, electrostatic, and hot flocking applications.

Making the investment in powerful epoxy coating for steel can help ensure that your equipment remains protected and will have an extended service life along with an efficient and smooth operation for months and years to come. These coatings protect instruction infrastructure, manufacturing equipment, and industrial equipment for the long term.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a mass order was a prototype, our team at Secoa Technology has the knowledge and resources necessary to help you meet your metal and steel coating requirements with innovative quality coating products. Contact us today for more information.