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What is PTFE Coating?

What is PTFE Coating?

PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE) is also referred to as Teflon — it possesses valuable properties and is used in various applications. While it does have an application for cookware, PTFE is used in numerous other industries as well. At Secoa Technology, we offer PTFE coating as one of the many coatings we offer to help customers achieve their surface protection goals.

Some of the applications in which PTFE coating is applied include:


PTFE coating is often applied on the interior walls of pipes to prevent corrosion caused by chemicals. This coating can endure contact with corrosive chemicals and high temperatures without sustaining significant wear and tear. You also find these coatings used in different industrial piping applications for optimum results.


Aerospace wiring is another application in which PTFE coatings are used. These coatings have a very high melting point and can endure significant pressure and heat. They also serve as an effective insulator for connectors and wires and are also used in microwaves.


When Teflon is used as a lubricant, the result is a reduction in the amount of energy required to operate certain equipment. PTFE coating minimizes friction within these types of machines which are often found at construction sites are manufacturing plants.


Some of the surfaces containers in laboratories are coated with PTFE. The coating is often the optimum choice for lab experiments involving chemicals at high temperatures. It also enables easy cleanup.


When PTFE is not used as a coating on metal surfaces, it can be used to produce a waterproof coating on apparel for outdoor activities. It can also be meshed into the fabric of stain resistant clothing. Fabric may have PTFE components within it if it can be wiped down with water and other blemishes coming off easily.


Of course, many people have heard the term Teflon in association with its use in kitchen equipment and accessories such as pots and pans. PTFE coatings normally produce a nonstick surface for cookware but also resist high temperatures without introducing damage such as stress cracks.

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