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Why Metal Finishing is Important for Precision Tools

Why Metal Finishing is Important for Precision Tools

Metal finishing helps to minimize the wear and tear of metallic products. Aside from aesthetics, there are many industrial applications for it. It helps to improve electrical conductivity, resistance to torque, and increase solderability of metals, among other reasons.

At Secoa Technology, We’ve had a lot of experience in dealing with metal finishing and we’d like to emphasize the importance of the process on precision tools.

Surface Quality and Precision

Anodizing is a process that can make metallic precision tools very resistant to regular wear and tear. It eliminates abrasion and ensures that tools such as surface plates and precision angle plates maintain their accuracy for the years they are in use.

Secoa Technology also provides DiamonDyze™, a nano-ceramic technology that can make the surface smoother than what is possible with a standard anodizing process. The result of this metal finishing process is improved accuracy and durability for your precision tools. This means your precision tools will continue to be in their best shape for years to come.


These processes remove abrasions on the surfaces of the metal. The removal of abrasions is done at very high levels of precision. Therefore, the adhesion of debris, which may not be visible to the naked eye, is significantly reduced. Cleaning is easier thanks to the exceptionally smooth surface.

Minimize Corrosion

The elimination of abrasions at the microscopic level helps to reduce the power that forces of wear and tear have on the metallic surface. When friction is reduced, the development of abrasion is also minimized therefore making precision tools last longer than they normally would otherwise.

At Secoa Technology we have decades of experience in providing metal finishing and metal coating services and we can help you find the best cost-effective solutions for your needs. We take pride in finding solutions and providing quality work for our clients. Visit our website for more information about our services or contact us today to discuss your project requirements.