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Why Polyester Powder Coatings Is Better Than Conventional Paints

Why Polyester Powder Coatings Is Better Than Conventional Paints

When it comes to painting projects, polyester powder coating is a superior method when compared to standard painting techniques as it has many desirable properties. At Secoa Technology, we recommend the use of powder coating over paint. Below are some of the reasons why powder coating performs better.

Eliminate Overspray

Powder coatings are more economical. This is because the process of application does not allow over-spraying to occur. The coat is also more evenly spread out than what is achievable with ordinary paint.

During the application of the powder coating, an electrostatic gun charges the powder with positive ions while the surface is grounded. The powder is spread on the surface, if there are more positively charged ions on one part of the surface they’ll be repelled by the other positive ions and will move to a negatively charged part of the surface with no positively charged particles.


In general, Polyester powder coatings are easier to apply. Normal paint can never be applied as thick as powder coatings. The extra thickness makes objects coated with it much easier to bend without breaking the coating. Additionally, conventional paint can hardly ever be applied evenly on the surface of materials. Some applications that utilize polyester coating include surgical and dental materials and food processing and baking equipment.


When applied, ordinary paint can release vapor which can be harmful if it’s inhaled by the person applying the paint or people who happen to be in the vicinity. Polyester powder coating is inert and is applied on the surface by curing. This eliminates the risk of exposure to volatile volcanic compounds which can lead to respiratory complications.

Additional Benefits

When it comes to coating services, Secoa Technology is an industry leader with extensive experience. We provide polyester powder coatings, among other types of suitable coatings, and can customize our solutions to ensure they are the right fit for your application. You can rely on these coatings to add various benefits to your products and equipment, including lubrication, abrasion resistance, and durability.

By visiting our website you can discover more about our polyester coating services. Also, please feel free to contact us to discuss your project and protective coating requirements.