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What is the Difference Between Painting and Powder Coating?

What is the Difference Between Painting and Powder Coating?

The main difference between painting and powder coating is that in the latter process, the coating actually bonds with the underlying surface using electrostatic charge as well as chemical changes during curing. This means the powder coat forms part of the surface, leading to far greater durability than a layer of paint.

Why is Powder Coating Better than Paint?

There are several reasons why we would recommend that our customers powder coat their components and products, rather than using traditional painting methods. Because of the science behind how powder coating works, it binds fully with the underlying substrate. This results in a coating that moves with the component, as it has fused to become part of it: no cracking, flaking or chipping. Powder coating is very cost-effective as there is no product evaporation during application. It is also forms a thicker coating than paint and is better for the environment, as it does not release VOCs during application.

Is Powder Coating Stronger than Paint?

Powder coating is not necessarily stronger than paint, but it is more likely to continue to adhere to the underlying surface. Powder coating particles are attached to the sub-strait using electrostatic charge, and then cured. This gives a coating which is an integral part of the surface. When the surface vibrates or moves in some other way, the coating moves as part of it, so there is no risk of it flaking away as paint would.

Can Powder Coat be Applied Over Paint?

The short answer is yes, it can, but there are a number of variables to take into account. Powder coat over paint may not have quite as much durability as powder coat applied to a sand-blasted surface. The product will need to be completely recoated, as powder coating is unsuitable for spot painting work. In addition, the underlying paint will need to be in excellent condition, with no visible rust spots or similar, or the powder coating will not provide the even, protective coverage you need for effective performance.