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Medical Device Coatings

Metal Finishing for Medical Tools and Devices

In the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, it is important for the manufacturing and packaging process to be free from dust, dirt, debris, and other types of contamination. This also includes biological contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi. At Secoa Metal Finishing, we offer safe and durable nylon medical device coatings that businesses in the medical and pharmaceutical technology industries utilize in the medical devices they manufacture.

Medical Device Coatings

Premium Medical Nylon Coatings

Nylon-based coatings, including Rislan™ Nylon 11, have a smooth appearance and molecular construction that is perfect for sterile pharmaceutical applications. Medical nylon coatings are easy to clean and extremely durable, easily standing up to the daily wear-and-tear seen in medical facilities. For example, nylon coating is frequently used as a medical instrument coating to ensure that the precision-calibrated equipment functions optimally, even after hundreds of cycles of sterilization and washing.

Extremely Resistant to Corrosion

Rislan™ Nylon 11 is a high-performance coating that is able to endure even the harshest conditions of cleaning and sterilization. It is also perfect in a multitude of other industrial applications due to its extreme chemical resistance and long-term reliability..

Inhibits Electrical Conductivity

Electrical conductivity is also a consideration when selecting a medical grade powder coating. Nylon coatings on surgical instruments – for example electrosurgical forceps – provides important insulation against the conductivity of radio frequency current, inhibiting its travel through the instrument, which could increase the burn risk of non-targeted tissue in a medical procedure.


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