Industrial Powder Coating Services


Full Range of Powder Coating Services

Fast, efficient and effective, powder coatings are often the most cost-effective method of giving components the finish they need. Powder coating can be formulated to protect the underlying material from corrosion, rust and wear, increasing longevity, improving performance and enhancing durability. With extensive experience in a wide range of protective powder coating options, we can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Protective Powder Coating that’s Environmentally Friendly and Safe

Powder coating doesn’t contain the harmful VOCs and other chemicals that can create problems both during application and afterwards. It also doesn’t need to be disposed of using specialist facilities, keeping costs lower when compared with other products. It’s also the case that a protective powder coating frequently ends up applied in a layer that’s twice as thick as when a standard paint application process is used, giving your components even more protection.

Powder Coating in Georgia

We are an established company in Georgia with a strong track record in completing powder coating projects of many different types. Our hi-tech, advanced equipment and skilled workforce are able to successfully complete projects of many different types. Whether you have a larger order, or have a challenging powder coating job that needs a specialist approach, we have the capacity to meet your requirements. Powder coating often costs less in comparison with wet paint options, as well as providing superior end-results and excellent durability. To find out more about what powder coating options we can offer, or for anything else, call us at (706) 272-0133.