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Superior Industrial Anodizing with DiamonDyze™

Conforms to MIL-A-8625

Anodizing is an electrochemical process for producing controlled aluminum oxide films on aluminum. Aluminum anodizing produces an oxide that is uniform and hard. Anodize also possesses excellent thermal and electrical insulating properties. The anodic film is formed by converting the aluminum surface to an integral aluminum oxide and is not a topical coating. The anodize or aluminum oxide finish is very hard and exceptionally wear resistant.

Type II anodizing is primarily for appearance and corrosion resistance. Type II is available in multiple colors. Type III anodizing is produced the same as Type II, with a few process adjustments. Type III is produced at colder temperatures and is harder, smoother, denser, and more wear resistant than Type II.

Secoa Metal Finishing is a licensed applicator for DiamonDyze™, one of just a few in the USA. DiamonDyze™ is a nano-ceramic technology that is incorporated in both our Type II and Type III anodizing processes thus producing a superior surface finish. DiamonDyze™ makes the anodize surface even more wear and corrosion resistant than competitors standard anodizing. Let us show you the improvement that DiamonDyze™ can make in your current anodize applications. You can find out more about DiamonDyze™ by going to

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