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Coatings for Molds

Mold Release Coatings

Secoa Metal Finishing is a leader in the application and services of specialized coatings, including mold release coatings, tire mold coatings, and polyurethane mold coating solutions. Our extensive experience and technical expertise enable us to provide coatings that significantly enhance the efficiency and longevity of molds by facilitating easy release and protecting against wear and corrosion. We design our coatings to improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs for our clients, tailoring each coating to meet the unique requirements of each application. Your distinct industrial application can trust Secoa Metal Finishing for innovative mold release coating solutions that deliver superior performance and ensure your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Secoa Metal Finishing has coatings that can assist in numerous molding applications

We have equipment to handle molds ranging in size from just a few inches up to as much as 20 feet long and 6 feet wide. The use of mold release coatings can allow you to eliminate costly and messy release sprays, and they will increase productivity by keeping your molds in operation longer between cleanings.

Some common molding applications we currently see regularly include:

  • Tire Molds – Our FluoroClad release coatings currently help several large tire manufacturers to keep their molds operational for longer periods of time. Call us at the number below if you would like us to help you, too.
  • Crumb Rubber Mat Molds – Crumb rubber mat molds and other molds that involve the use of polyurethanes that are catalyzed by isocyanates have unique properties. We have several different coatings that have proven effective in these historically difficult environments. If you employ these types of molds, please contact us to discuss your specific situation and we can recommend the proper coating.
  • Miscellaneous Parts – We coat molds that form parts as diverse as small boots used in the powder generation industry to landscape stepping “stones” to golf balls.

Please contact us at (706) 272-0133 to discuss how Secoa Metal Finishing can help improve your molding operations through coatings.

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