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Fluoroclad DL

Fluoropolymer-Based Coating

Fluoroclad DL: The Game Changer

Historically, when choosing a fluoropolymer-based coating we are asked to make trade-offs. Are you seeking release or protection? If protection is your goal is it going to be temperature, corrosion, or wear? Difficult choices to make.

Those choices are being made simpler with the introduction of the uncompromising FluoroClad DL. Traditional fluoropolymers have a reputation for being one-dimensional. For instance, if one exhibits good release, then it might not wear very well. Or, if it is designed to protect against a highly corrosive environment, then its non-stick performance is weak.

FluoroClad DL is a new type of performance coating. It is a unique blend of proprietary chemistries that, when properly applied, performs exceptionally well at providing release and multi-pronged protection – temperature, corrosion, and wear. It is the most versatile coating, solving the widest range of customer problems, that we have encountered in 55 years in the coating business.

Exclusively licensed to Secoa Metal Finishing for the Southeastern United States, FluoroClad DL is your new problem solver. Call us today at 706-272-0133 to see how FluoroClad DL can improve your operation.

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