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Enjoy Superior Protection with Industrial Anodizing

Industrial anodizing is one of the most effective ways to add protection on your equipment and surfaces. This process produces a hard aluminum oxide coating that confers insulation from heat and electricity and protects from corrosion. Secoa Metal Finishing is the industry leader for industrial anodizing services in Georgia. We are also one of the only industrial anodizing companies in the U.S. that is licensed for the application of DiamonDyze™.

Experience the Difference that DiamonDyze™ Makes

DiamonDyze™ has established itself as one of the most innovative new anodizing tools in modern industrial settings. Using an advanced ceramic formulation, DiamonDyze™ is able to inject color in a way that confers exceptional protection from chemicals and corrosion. Applied at the color stage, DiamonDyze™ is extremely durable, making it the ideal choice for a range of applications, and is able to be applied on parts where other anodizing methods cannot be used, such as for pistons, shock absorbers and aluminum cylinder sleeves. Choose Secoa Metal Finishing as your industrial anodizing company of choice for DiamonDyze™ applications.

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When you need strength in your anodizing processes, you can rely on Secoa Metal Finishing. Our specialists are available to discuss your requirements at any time, so if you would like to discuss a new project or how to implement the benefits of DiamonDyze™ into your current workflows, contact our team today at (706) 272-0133 to find out more.

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