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Coatings for Textiles

Textile Coatings

Secoa Metal Finishing specializes in providing industry-leading solutions in textile coatings, manufacturing coatings, and porcelain enamel coatings. We demonstrate our commitment to excellence through our meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each coating solution we deliver meets the highest standards of durability, performance, and quality. With a focus on serving the needs of diverse industries, our expertise is grounded in a deep understanding of the technical requirements necessary for enhancing product functionality and longevity. Trust in Secoa Metal Finishing to equip your products with advanced coatings that offer superior protection, efficiency, and reliability. Our 50 years of dedication to customer satisfaction and technical proficiency sets us apart as a trusted partner in coating technologies. Learn about our textile coating services and solutions below.

Secoa Metal Finishing offers numerous coatings that benefit the textile, floorcoverings, and general manufacturing industries.

Textiles & Floorcoverings

  • Fluoropolymers are an excellent coating for application rollers used in such applications as latex backing. The durability and corrosion protection they offer gives you a long-lasting coating, while the non-stick surface makes for easy clean up.
  • Catch and drip pans that are coated can greatly increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Arc spray metalizing is a very cost-effective application for pull rollers for textiles and carpet manufacturing. It is very durable compared to sandpaper and other grit applications, and this long in-service life means much less downtime and waste removing and replacing paper wraps and applications. We can even match most any grit profile needed.
  • Crumb rubber mat molds and other polyurethane molds that are coated with non-stick and release coatings can mean the elimination of release sprays, which are costly, messy, and a health risk.


Secoa has coatings to benefit numerous manufacturing industries, including:

  • Automotive, Motorcycles, and Power Sports
  • Assembly
  • Power Generation
  • Power Tools
  • Beverage Containers
  • Transportation
  • Tires
  • Conveyors & Material Transport

Wire-arc spray (metalizing)

  • Highly durable alternative to sandpaper or other grit coatings use to add a profile
  • Customizable profiles
  • Machinable – very effective way to repair shafts and metal surfaces

Coming soon – Porcelain Enamel

  • Check back with us in the coming months to learn more about this exciting new offering!

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