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Our versatile range of metal coating capabilities enables us to serve many of the world’s most advanced industries. From custom epoxy powder coating solutions to medical-grade and aerospace corrosion resistant coatings, no one can improve and protect your products better than Secoa Metal Finishing.

Corrosion Resistant Coatings for Aerospace

Aerospace Applications

The high-tech arenas of aerospace, military and defense have embraced premium engineered coatings that Seoca Technology offers. Our various fluoropolymers and thermoplastics deliver a range of benefits to high-tech aerospace applications such as low coefficient of friction and dependable corrosion resistance.


The precision processes required in the military and defense sectors – such as overhauling landing gear parts, blades, vanes, and turbine components – call for the industry-leading experience that Secoa Metal Finishing offers. We have been servicing this sector with fluoropolymer coatings for well over half a century and understand the meticulous nature of aerospace component specifications.

  • Fluoropolymers – There is a wide range of various fluoropolymers that offer an exceptional combination of low friction, corrosion protection, and precise application that are employed by the aerospace industry.
  • Nylon 11 (polyamide)Nylon 11 is a low-gloss thermoplastic that offers superior wear, abrasion, and corrosion protection. We have over 15 years of experience applying this powder coating, both electrostatically and via fluid bed dipping. We are licensed by Arkema to be an applicator of their Rilsan™ brand Nylon 11.
  • DiamonDyze™ enhanced anodizing – The lab-proven superiority of our DiamonDyze™ anodizing system is an ideal process to be applied to light-weight aluminum components that are a necessary part of the aerospace industry. It offers higher wear and corrosion protection over standard anodizing.
Antibacterial Coatings

Medical Applications

At Secoa Metal Finishing, we have numerous FDA-approved epoxy and nylon powder coatings benefiting the ever-evolving fields of medical, dental, and surgical applications. We offer coatings that enhance anti-bacterial properties and reduce friction while increasing corrosion resistance to create truly premium medical-grade tools. Coatings that are currently used in these fields include:

  • Fluoropolymers
  • Rilsan Nylon 11
  • FDA-approved MMT

Industrial Applications


Our release coating has been used in tire release molds and other mold applications where a durable mold release is required. Textile and carpet businesses count on our coatings for wear resistance and corrosion protection on their rollers and other parts. Drive rollers and gears used in the laminate and wood flooring industry utilize our metallizing process to give consistent feeding of parts, at a fraction of the cost of new components. If you need a smooth, non-stick covering for machinery or molds of any kind, we can meet your specifications.

Improved Heat Resistance

We offer a proprietary release coating that rivals any release coating but offers a more robust and heat resistant surface. Our coating has been specifically created to work effectively in challenging environments where high temperatures are the norm. When it comes to heat resistance our coating can significantly outperforms all other products out there.

Weld Spatter

Spatter is an irritating yet inevitable part of the welding process. Unfortunately, if left unchecked, spatter can swiftly build up on everything including the welding equipment and surroundings.

As a high-performance coatings specialist, we are able to offer a selection of anti-weld spatter coatings that can be applied to a variety of different surfaces. Cost-effective, easy to clean, and suitable for a wide range of applications, our anti-weld spatter options can transform your welding operation.

  • FluoroClad SDFC™
  • PerfectArcs™

Premium Provider in the Southeast

Secoa has the largest process oven for powder coating in the Southeast. We have coated frames and components up to 20 feet long and give you consistent quality, every time. If you’re involved in any form of industrial production or development and need access to cutting-edge coating products, please ask us how we can help you today. Call (706) 383-2893 or use our online form.

Non-Stick Coatings for Commercial Baking

Commercial Baking and Food Processing

Secoa Metal Finishing coats and services parts from many well-known appliance manufacturers, cookware companies, commercial bakeries, and others in the food preparation and processing fields.

The FDA-approved release and non-stick coatings we offer bakeries and food manufacturers have allowed them to eliminate expensive and messy oils often used to provide a low friction surface. These same coatings allow these food preparation companies to clean up faster, which helps them keep their operations running more efficiently. All of this easily translates into long-term savings.

Appliance manufacturers come to us for high-heat resistant coatings for ranges and cooktops.

We are even able to apply thin coatings to cutting blades that allow the blades to maintain an edge while more easily cutting through a variety of products such as raw dough, cooked dough, and meats.

Here is a list of some of the coatings we can offer in this segment:

  • Fluoropolymers
  • Silicone Gels
  • FDA-approved MMT
Coatings on Water Supply Components

Utilities and Municipalities

Municipalities of all sizes across the country have relied on Secoa Metal Finishing in their infrastructure, using our products to protect and enhance the metal in multiple areas.

Water Supply Components

We are national leaders in the fluidized bed dipping of water meters, valves, and associated components. We can help utilities and cities replace their aging water systems with low-cost coated iron components. We can provide a holiday-free coating on parts made of ductile or gray iron, and with proper care, they will remain corrosion free for the duration of their useful lives, in most cases for decades. Common coatings for these projects include:

Bridges and other large structures – With the use of Ultraseal we can revitalize existing structures, bringing

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