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Coatings for Industrial Applications

Industrial Application Coating

Various industries benefit from finishes that are designed to enhance metal parts. Before choosing a particular finish for material, some important factors must be considered. These include the impact and the wearing of material it will incur during its service life. Certain specialty coatings such as anti-rust, nickel boron plating, powder coating, and anodize coatings may address other requirements. At Secoa Metal Finishing, we supply various types of industrial coatings to meet the needs of our clients, including powder, hard anodized, and industrial non-stick coatings.

Beneficiaries of Coatings for Industrial Applications

Some of the industries that can benefit from the specialized coatings we offer include automotive, aerospace, food preparation, and firearms. The optimum coating to select depends on the industrial application and type of metal to receive the coating.

Some of the industrial coatings we offer for various industrial applications include:

Hard Anodized Coatings

When you need exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear for your surfaces, hard anodized coatings are a superb choice. When this coating is applied, it leaves a thick layer of oxide on the surface which enhances the ability of primers, glues, and paints to attach to the surface.

Powder Coating

As a cost-effective solution, powder coating resists scratches, wearing, impacts, salt spray, solvents, and chips. It also keeps its color well and provides a long service life.

The lifespan and durability of plastic and metal parts is enhanced by specialty coatings. You can keep future costs related to maintenance and repair to a minimum through the proper application of these coatings.

Industrial Non-Stick Coatings

We also offer coatings authorized by FDA that food preparation and food manufacturing companies rely on for their efficient cleaning and maintenance operations. These coatings provide the required corrosion and abrasion resistance in addition to the lubricity necessary to withstand high temperature cooking and baking applications.

Consult With an Industrial Coatings Professional

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