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Aerospace Coating

In recent decades, the aerospace industry has expanded significantly, leading to a high demand for parts and components that require aerospace coatings. These coatings are sometimes referred to as aircraft coatings, aviation coatings, or even aircraft paint. Airplanes, military jets, helicopters, and other types of aircraft are often coated with advanced, quality aerospace coatings. The aircraft repair, maintenance, and manufacturing industry sectors utilize these coatings in order to extend the service life of aircraft and aircraft components. At Secoa Metal Finishing, we deliver high-performance military aerospace coatings and aviation coatings.

The high-tech aerospace and military industrial arenas use the corrosion resistant coatings and low coefficient of friction coatings our team at Secoa Technology offers, including various types of thermoplastics and fluoropolymers. You can rely on our experience to carry out the specific processes that contribute to the repair and overhaul of aerospace and aircraft components such as blades, landing gear parts, turbine components, and vanes. As a leader among aerospace coating companies since the 1960s, we have served this industry sector, supplying high-quality protective coatings for crucial applications.


There is an extensive array of fluoropolymers that deliver an outstanding combination of corrosion protection, low friction, and targeted application which are utilized by the aerospace industry.

DiamonDyze™ Enhanced Anodizing

Our DiamonDyze™ anodizing system is a lab-proven, ideal, and superior process designed for application to lightweight aluminum parts used in the aerospace industry. It delivers exceptional corrosion protection and wear resistance greater than that provided by standard anodizing.

Nylon 11 (Polyamide)

Nylon 11 is a thermoplastic coating with low gloss characteristics that delivers excellent abrasion, wear, and corrosion protection. Our team has more than 15 years of experience applying this powder coating through two methods – fluid bed dipping and electrostatically. We have a license with Arkema as a Nylon 11, Rilsan™ brand applicator.

At Secoa Metal Finishing, we offer high quality military aerospace coatings and aviation coatings to help our industrial customers meet their surface corrosion protection goals. For more information about how we can deliver the exceptional quality aviation and aerospace coatings you need, give us a call today at 706.383.2893 or complete our contact form.

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