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Secoa: Our Specialty Finishing Services

Secoa: Our Specialty Finishing Services

Secoa Metal Finishing has been providing high-quality specialty finishing services in Georgia since 1964. We take pride in our work and strive to meet each customer’s every need. We also want to make sure you understand all of the ways in which we can be of service. So, let’s take some time to talk about what exactly we do, and why it matters.

Metal Preparation Services

The first step in most metal finishing processes is surface preparation. If a metal surface isn’t properly prepped before it is coated, the end result will be subpar at best. That’s why we at Secoa make sure to perform the appropriate metal preparation for every project. We offer both burn-off and blasting services, which can be used on a range of ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, including iron, steel, aluminum, titanium, and magnesium, among others.

Our burn-off ovens—which are 7 X 7 X 20—are able to accommodate parts up to 20 feet long. They are also pollution controlled and fully compliant with Georgia’s state air quality regulations, as well as all corresponding federal regulations. Our 20 X 20 X 10 walk-in blasting units are useful for prepping large parts or large quantities of smaller parts. They use 70 grit aluminum oxide media, and include several hand blasters for jobs that require more delicate work.

Metal Preparation

Coating Services

Secoa specializes in providing custom coating solutions for a vast array of industrial applications. We carry a variety of powder coatings (polyester, nylon, epoxy, and more) with all kinds of useful benefits. Powder coatings can increase surface durability, reduce friction between moving parts, provide chemical and corrosion resistance, and even improve the appearance of your parts or equipment. Metal coatings from Secoa are versatile, dependable, and reliable. You can count on us to improve, protect, and enhance your products and equipment with our specialty finishing services.


In addition to surface preparation and powder coating services, Secoa offers industrial anodizing. Anodizing provides exceptional protection for metal surfaces even in the harshest environments, which makes it excellent for certain industrial applications. Secoa is one of only a few U.S. companies licensed to apply DiamonDyze™, so if you want beautiful, top-tier anodizing, we’re the company you need.

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