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7 Benefits of Powder Coating

7 Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a very popular way to paint parts, and there are numerous finishes and colors available. Mil spec powder coating provides a range of advantages over conventional painting methods, and it yields a durable, attractive finish. From its environmental impact to its cost, we’ll review the benefits of powder coating.


Because of the electromagnetic energy used to apply the powder to parts, there’s almost no waste in the powder coating process. Additionally, an expert can apply as much (or as little) powder as necessary in one application. Rather than allowing the parts to dry between coats, everything is done at once, which saves money and time.

Low Cost

Along with the money you’ll save by eliminating extra steps, powder coating is cost-efficient in a few other ways. The materials used are bought according to the job’s specifications. The powder is less costly than paint, and it takes up less space when stored.


As far as the finish is concerned, powder coating is more durable than most other options. When it cures, the powder will form chemical bonds in the process and creating a flexible, durable finish. Powder coated parts are highly resistant to corrosion, flaking, and scratching.


While mil spec powder coating has a few common finishes and colors, one of the biggest benefits of the method is the potential for customization. Powder manufacturers will create unique blends to match any color, texture, and finish. There are few competitive options in terms of versatility and range.

Environmental Safety

Because the powder is free of toxic chemicals and solvents, it’s regarded as safe for usage and disposal. The processes release no harmful chemicals into the air, and they produce less waste. However, expert painters know to avoid inhaling the powder and to wear safety gear that minimizes skin contact.


The powder coating application and drying processes create a finish not found in any other paint product. Because the powder melts and reforms as a solid, it creates a smooth surface without drips or runs. Therefore, there’s no need to sand or refinish if mistakes are made.


Powder coating is easy to maintain; no special solvents or cleaners are required. Because these coatings are so resistant to corrosion and damage, there’s no concern over rust and other cleaning-related damage. In most applications, an occasional wipe with soapy water is enough to keep parts clean and useful for years into the future.

It’s easy to see how mil spec powder coating is better than conventional paint in many areas. With the proper equipment, powder coating decreases finishing time, improves quality, and leaves users with a variety of finish options. Not only will you be able to use and dispose of materials in an eco-friendly, cost-efficient way, but your customers will also appreciate the tough, durable finish. Visit us online or call today for more details.

Social Solutions: Coatings for Municipal Water Pipes and More!

When cities and municipalities are installing new water or sewer pipes for municipal purposes, it is a good idea to protect the investment with durable coatings that protect against corrosion, mineral buildup and rust. We are proud to offer quality coatings for municipal pipes and waterworks accessories. These coatings protect and preserve the structural integrity of the pipes, connections, seals, fittings and pumps.

Secoa Metal Finishing offers a wide variety of coating options. Our company is the leader in fluidized bed dipping of water meters, valves and related components. Our low-cost iron coatings allow cities, towns and villages to reduce their expenses and preserve the quality of the water that they provide to their residents. We also make a holiday-free coating that can be applied to gray or ductile iron. With proper pipe maintenance this coating allows the pipes to remain free of corrosion for their entire expected lifespan. The coatings last for decades, even in places with hard water.

Our other options for coating of municipal pipes include rilsan nylon 11, which is a type of polyamide. We also offer coatings made from epoxy powders and high-build thermoplastics. If you are unsure of which coating would be the best one, Secoa engineers can help you decide. Our engineers and associates can review your water sample results, application requirements and other details in order to assist you in choosing the best coating option for your municipal pipes.

In addition to pipe coatings, we help municipalities with bridge coatings. Our Ultraseal product protects the metal components of bridges from rust and corrosion. Your bridges will last longer and have fewer needs for repair when you keep them sealed and maintained with our Ultraseal coating.

If your municipality has a lot of railings on walks or buildings, our powder coatings are a wise choice. These coatings protect the lifespan of the metal and reduce the risk of rust and corrosion. This is important for railings that get a lot of contact from people’s hands. Skin contains oils, sweat and other substances that could degrade the metal of a railing. With our coating on the metal, there will be less damage.

We can also provide you with high-visibility coatings. These are ideal for step edges and other places where safety is a concern. Our associates can also help you with the application of textured and non-slip surfaces in order to enhance safety.

Our coatings for infrastructure protect equipment and help it last longer. The coatings increase the durability and reduce chemical reactions that lead to buildup in the pipes or corrosion of the finish. For more information about our coatings for use on municipal water and sewer pipes, give us a call at 706-272-0133. You may also visit us online at for additional details about the coatings we apply and how our application process for these coatings.

Antimicrobial Coatings for Medical Devices

In the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, the equipment that is used during the manufacturing and packaging processes must be free of all types of contaminants. Dirt, dust and other debris could render the product unsafe or ineffective. The equipment must also be free of biological contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. We are proud to offer durable and safe antimicrobial coatings that companies in the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries can use on the medical devices they produce.

Our antimicrobial coatings prevent microbes from adhering to the surfaces of the equipment. This is important because it lowers the risk of the medical device becoming contaminated during production. Our coatings are made from durable and safe materials that will keep up with your production for years to come. We take the time to ensure that all of our coatings are compliant with the Food and Drug Administration’s requirements for production and manufacturing facilities and equipment. Our skilled team are able to work around your schedule in order to minimize any lost productivity.

When your application requires the use of antimicrobial coatings for medical devices, turn to Secoa Metal Finishing. Our decades of experience in coating metal mean that you get the top quality of service at an affordable price. You can count on us to help you select the right type of coating for each piece of equipment that you need to have upgraded or added to your facility. Give us a call today to learn more or to schedule an estimate for an antimicrobial coating on your equipment. You can also visit us online at to learn more about us and our metal coating services.

FDA Compliant Powder Coating

In many industrial and manufacturing processes, some lubricants and chemicals cannot be used. This is the case for companies that manufacture food, medical devices or pharmaceutical products that will go on or in the human body. We offer an FDA compliant powder coating process that is designed to protect your machinery and act as a lubricant. We use only materials that are safe, resist corrosion and protect your equipment from common problems such as getting dusty or overheating.

Some lubricants attract dirt and dust. This may not be acceptable for your machinery or the products that you manufacture. We offer powder coating with epoxy, nylon and polyester. These high-grade coatings are made to last. Even if your production process involves corrosive materials, you can count on our quality coatings to stand up to constant exposure without degrading or damaging your equipment.

The process of applying one of these coatings for food or drug production machinery is swift and simple. We work around your schedule in order to make sure your supply chain keeps moving on time. If you want the coating put on a new piece of machinery, we can do it before the piece goes into your production line. Once we apply the coating, we test it in order to ensure that it is ready for your application.

You may be unsure of which type of powder coating is best suited to your needs. Our engineers can meet with you in order to discuss your process and what type of powder coating would be best suited to your application. We do not sacrifice on quality, but we are able to provide our powder coating services at competitive prices. Every coating that we perform includes a satisfaction guarantee.

Our associates can also provide you with documentation about our process and the materials that we use. You may need this for any FDA inspections of your facility. We look forward to helping you boost the efficiency and productivity of your business.

For more information, give us at Secoa Technology a call today. You may also visit us online at for additional details about our powder coating services.

Thermal Spray Powder Coating – Use and Results

A number of different industries benefit from thermal spray coating products and services. Effective and reliable metal finishing services have benefited from coating industry advances in technology over recent years and decades. With an experienced metal finishing company working with you to supply the protective coatings you need for your equipment and components, you can better protect your production and operational processes. At Secoa Technology, we offer thermal spray powder coating solutions that can help you achieve the high quality metal finishing result you need.

Coating Application

The application of thermal spray coatings involves specific steps, including surface preparation, masking, coating application, surface finishing, and inspection.

In order to achieve a fine grade finish on the material surface, the use of molten material is often utilized. The powder form material is exposed to a flame. A fine spray is generated from the flame, often acetylene or hydrogen-based, which creates molten particles that are placed upon a metal surface. After the molten powder contacts surface it is changed into a solid. The process of finishing occurs at low temperatures and is frequently referred to as cold processing.

Various options are available with your coating through the thermal spray powder coating process mentioned above. The range of coating options available is considerable based on the various materials that may be used in powder form. Some materials and surfaces can sustain damage and elevated temperatures. Therefore, it is important to understand the types of materials that can benefit from these coating options.

Metal Finishing Services

An experienced industrial coating company can provide you with the thermal spray powder coating products and applications you need to help fulfill your project requirements. The company with a strong track record of helping other customers achieve their industrial coating goals can also help you protect your parts and equipment from the debilitating effects of corrosion.

If you have applications that require thermal spray coatings, our team at Secoa Technology can help you access the specific coating solutions you need to achieve optimum results.

Call our team today at 706.272.0133 or send us a message through our contact form to learn how we can help you with your thermal spray coating requirements.

Metal Spray Coating – Process of Application Explained

Various industries utilize metal spray coating products and have done so for many decades now. Advancements in coating technology in recent years have resulted in high performance coatings used on various types of materials. You can achieve outstanding results with an experienced metal finishing company supporting your project an application needs with the right products and services. At Secoa Technology, we offer exceptional metal finishing services that include metal spray coatings to help you achieve the level of protection you need for your equipment and associated parts.

How the Metal Spray Coating Process Works

Many steps are involved in the application of metal spray coatings. The preparation stage starts the process, followed by masking, application, surface finishing, and product inspection.In order to achieve an exceptionally fine-grained surface finish, the metal spraying process used often involves the application molten material to the part. The powder formed material is subjected to a flame that may be hydrogen or acetylene-based.A fine spray is then formed from this flame. The molten particles created from the flame are directed to the metal surface at hand. Once the particles at the surface, they quickly solidify. The part that is the object of this finishing process is kept at a low temperature, which helps prevent issues with the compound itself. This process is often referred to as “cold processing.”

What are the Benefits?

The spraying process mentioned above allows you to take advantage of various coating options. Different types of materials may be changed in the powder form, allowing you to choose the exact type of coating you need for a specific part. Some materials with a melting point higher than that produced by the flame may sustain damage when heated to a high temperature, and therefore should not be used in this process.

Using an Experienced Metal Finishing Company

It is important to work with the leader in the coating services industry to secure the exact metal spray coating product you need it matches your specifications and project requirements. At Secoa Technology, we have a strong track record of experience handling a wide range of applications and projects and are effectively equipped to serve as your dependable industrial coating provider.To learn about how we can provide you with the metal and thermal spray coating solutions you need, call us today at 706.272.0133 or complete our contact form.

FDA Food Safe Powder Coat – Characteristics and Benefits

The ideal product for non-stick, food safe applications are food grade powder coatings. These coatings are often used on stainless steel and other metal food processing and cooking surfaces.At Secoa Technology, we offer FDA approved fluoropolymer coatings that are designed to prevent corrosion and promote easy clean up, helping to ensure a long-lasting and durable surface. The FDA food safe powder coat products we provide are guaranteed to perform effectively in various food industry applications.The coating’s exceptional wear capabilities and lubricated nature enable the efficient operation of food processing equipment and minimize product contamination throughout repeated cleaning cycles.

Types of Food Grade Coatings

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) – As one of the most popular nonstick products, PTFE offers exceptional release capabilities and chemical resistance, even at temperatures as high as 600°F.FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) – As a commonly used mold release coating, FEP provides exceptional abrasion and chemical resistance, crack stress resistance, and retention properties.

Food Grade Coating Benefits

Some of the benefits offered by food grade coatings include:
  • Non-stick properties
  • Able to withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures
  • Is not damaged by hot oils, water, steam, and fats
  • Quick mold release
  • Provides protection for food prep equipment
In addition, downtime resulting from the need to perform large-scale, time-consuming cleaning or equipment removal is minimized by the high release coating properties of FDA food safe powder coat. The food industry relies on these types of coatings to sustain consistent and uninterrupted food production.At Secoa Technology, we provide FDA approved coatings that food manufacturers need to simplify cleaning and maintenance, provide lubricity, handle high temperature applications, and supply the needed abrasion resistance and corrosion protection.Our process and work adhere to the highest standards in the industry. We provide quality checks along every stage of the coating process to ensure you obtain the most effective coating solutions. Our team is ready to work closely with you to determine the exact coating solution that will best meet the needs of your application.To find out how we can serve your safe powder coating needs, call us today at 706.272.0133 or use our contact form to send us a message.

What is PTFE Coating?

PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE) is also referred to as Teflon — it possesses valuable properties and is used in various applications. While it does have an application for cookware, PTFE is used in numerous other industries as well. At Secoa Technology, we offer PTFE coating as one of the many coatings we offer to help customers achieve their surface protection goals.

Some of the applications in which PTFE coating is applied include:


PTFE coating is often applied on the interior walls of pipes to prevent corrosion caused by chemicals. This coating can endure contact with corrosive chemicals and high temperatures without sustaining significant wear and tear. You also find these coatings used in different industrial piping applications for optimum results.


Aerospace wiring is another application in which PTFE coatings are used. These coatings have a very high melting point and can endure significant pressure and heat. They also serve as an effective insulator for connectors and wires and are also used in microwaves.


When Teflon is used as a lubricant, the result is a reduction in the amount of energy required to operate certain equipment. PTFE coating minimizes friction within these types of machines which are often found at construction sites are manufacturing plants.


Some of the surfaces containers in laboratories are coated with PTFE. The coating is often the optimum choice for lab experiments involving chemicals at high temperatures. It also enables easy cleanup.


When PTFE is not used as a coating on metal surfaces, it can be used to produce a waterproof coating on apparel for outdoor activities. It can also be meshed into the fabric of stain resistant clothing. Fabric may have PTFE components within it if it can be wiped down with water and other blemishes coming off easily.


Of course, many people have heard the term Teflon in association with its use in kitchen equipment and accessories such as pots and pans. PTFE coatings normally produce a nonstick surface for cookware but also resist high temperatures without introducing damage such as stress cracks.

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The Importance of Anodizing Aluminum

As an easy process used to keep aluminum protected from unnecessary wear and damage, anodizing provides an aluminum oxide coating to the metal surface. The longevity and durability of the resulting finish corresponds directly to the thickness of the applied coating. At Secoa Technology, we help you protect your equipment and associated components through the wide range of specialty metal finishing coatings we offer.

Aluminum oxide provides superb and effective protection against the effects of weathering. At the same time, the electromechanical bonding involved allows you to apply dyes to the metal for coloring purposes without the risk of peeling and flaking in the future.

Anodizing Benefits

The primary benefits of anodizing aluminum components are dual purpose: greater durability and increased service life. Although the protection afforded by this application is significant, any shortcomings in protection are far less consequential due to the reduced maintenance involved in reapplying this type of coating compared to organic coatings. Anodized surfaces that accumulate stains or dirt can be cleaned easily using mild detergent, enabling you to recover the appearance of a new finish.

The lifespan of restored anodized finishes is approximately 20 years, which is much greater than the lifespan of the finish provided by a coating of nonvolatile organic paint. Anodizing produces a harder surface than powder coating and is optimal for heavy traffic and equipment use. This coating does not actively incur damage from exposure to harsh chemicals or physical contact. It is also not negatively impacted by sunlight.


As with various types of manufacturing and production applications, there is an optimal as well as a less than adequate way to anodize your aluminum components. The quality and thickness of the anodic coating process are significant factors in the results achieved in terms of durability and effective service life. Thinner coatings will provide less protection against physical impact. Higher quality and thicker coatings will last longer and provide a higher level of protection against wear and tear.

For more information about how our team at Secoa Technology can help you with your anodizing and other metal finishing needs, call us today at 706.272.0133 or send us a message through our contact form.