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DiamonDyze: A Breakthrough in Ceramic Anodizing

DiamonDyze: A Breakthrough in Ceramic Anodizing

DiamonDyze is a breakthrough in advanced nano-ceramic and colored anodizing. At Secoa Technology, our staff has the licensing right to utilize this treatment. We all understand the advantages this process offers to those applications requiring anodizing. Our staff utilizes it to provide components with certain desirable characteristics.

What Are the Advantages?

When an applicator uses DiamonDyze, it provides two specific and now integrated characteristics to the substrate surface. This formulation allows our staff to:

  • Add color without the need of additional steps
  • Impart various protective qualities

This ability makes the entire process faster, easier, and more environmentally friendly. Overall, by using this process, an applicator recognizes the benefits to the customer and the metal finishing company. The process:

  • Is more environmentally-friendly because it uses less energy and fewer toxic materials
  • Results in a smoother surface with fewer pores
  • Provides good chemical resistance
  • Imbues greater corrosion resistance
  • Improves the ability to withstand wear-and-tear
  • Creates good thermal resistance
  • Offers customers the chance to select from any available standard color. This includes various shades resulting from the blending of existing colors
  • While it is possible to anodize other metals, aluminum remains the most popular metal benefitting from this process.

Aluminum Parts and DiamonDyze

For any aluminum component – including 2024 and 6061, you want to anodize, we at Secoa Technology can apply DiamonDyze to products such as:

  • Cylinder Heads
  • Cylinder Sleeves
  • Intake Manifolds
  • Pistons
  • Rocker Arms
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Turbo Intake Housings

Overall, it is popular for those in several industries including automotive, marine, and hardware. At Secoa Technology, we utilize it for both Type II and Type III anodizing.

DiamonDyze: Technologically Superior Anodizing

Research reveals the benefits of preferring a DiamonDyze treatment to conventional anodizing. This one-step dying and anodizing process produce a component that is superior in many ways. At Secoa Technology, we utilize DiamonDyze to provide high-quality results in corrosion resistance and color for Type II and Type III anodizing.