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Specialty Coatings: When One Size Will Not Fit All

Specialty Coatings: When One Size Will Not Fit All

It is not always true that “One size fits all.” At Secoa Technology, we know that not every component can achieve its goal through the application of a generic coating. In many cases, the only way to be successful, to address the demands and specifications of a coating for a component, is to create one. This is why we work with our clients to produce specialty coatings.

What Are Specialty Coatings?

Specialty coatings are designed to address the specific needs and requirements of companies and their components. We are partnered with many of the top coating manufacturers who can formulate specialty products according to specifications. They consider such factors as function, environment, and specific design constraints.

What Specialty Coatings Do We Offer?

At Secoa Technology, we can help you select the right coating for your component. We specialize in a variety of unique options including:

  • Architectural Coatings – Our UltraSeal™ coating offers unparalleled aesthetic and structural enhancements designed and customized to meet your specifications
  • Corrosion and Chemical Resistant Coatings – We offer a choice of effective coatings for corrosion and more protection. Among the current offerings are:
    • Polyester: a modern polyester powder coating
    • Rilsan ® Nylon 11: A high-performance technical polymer
    • Epoxy: A powder coating
    • High Build Thermoplastics: For application on steel
    • KF Polymer: A dense film build polymer