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Metal Spray Coating – Process of Application Explained

Metal Spray Coating – Process of Application Explained

Various industries utilize metal spray coating products and have done so for many decades now. Advancements in coating technology in recent years have resulted in high performance coatings used on various types of materials. You can achieve outstanding results with an experienced metal finishing company supporting your project an application needs with the right products and services. At Secoa Technology, we offer exceptional metal finishing services that include metal spray coatings to help you achieve the level of protection you need for your equipment and associated parts.

How the Metal Spray Coating Process Works

Many steps are involved in the application of metal spray coatings. The preparation stage starts the process, followed by masking, application, surface finishing, and product inspection. In order to achieve an exceptionally fine-grained surface finish, the metal spraying process used often involves the application molten material to the part. The powder formed material is subjected to a flame that may be hydrogen or acetylene-based. A fine spray is then formed from this flame. The molten particles created from the flame are directed to the metal surface at hand. Once the particles at the surface, they quickly solidify. The part that is the object of this finishing process is kept at a low temperature, which helps prevent issues with the compound itself. This process is often referred to as “cold processing.”

What are the Benefits?

The spraying process mentioned above allows you to take advantage of various coating options. Different types of materials may be changed in the powder form, allowing you to choose the exact type of coating you need for a specific part. Some materials with a melting point higher than that produced by the flame may sustain damage when heated to a high temperature, and therefore should not be used in this process.

Using an Experienced Metal Finishing Company

It is important to work with the leader in the coating services industry to secure the exact metal spray coating product you need it matches your specifications and project requirements. At Secoa Technology, we have a strong track record of experience handling a wide range of applications and projects and are effectively equipped to serve as your dependable industrial coating provider. To learn about how we can provide you with the metal and thermal spray coating solutions you need, call us today at 706.272.0133 or complete our contact form.