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Thermal Spray Powder Coating – Use and Results

Thermal Spray Powder Coating – Use and Results

A number of different industries benefit from thermal spray coating products and services. Effective and reliable metal finishing services have benefited from coating industry advances in technology over recent years and decades. With an experienced metal finishing company working with you to supply the protective coatings you need for your equipment and components, you can better protect your production and operational processes. At Secoa Technology, we offer thermal spray powder coating solutions that can help you achieve the high quality metal finishing result you need.

Coating Application

The application of thermal spray coatings involves specific steps, including surface preparation, masking, coating application, surface finishing, and inspection.

In order to achieve a fine grade finish on the material surface, the use of molten material is often utilized. The powder form material is exposed to a flame. A fine spray is generated from the flame, often acetylene or hydrogen-based, which creates molten particles that are placed upon a metal surface. After the molten powder contacts surface it is changed into a solid. The process of finishing occurs at low temperatures and is frequently referred to as cold processing.

Various options are available with your coating through the thermal spray powder coating process mentioned above. The range of coating options available is considerable based on the various materials that may be used in powder form. Some materials and surfaces can sustain damage and elevated temperatures. Therefore, it is important to understand the types of materials that can benefit from these coating options.

Metal Finishing Services

An experienced industrial coating company can provide you with the thermal spray powder coating products and applications you need to help fulfill your project requirements. The company with a strong track record of helping other customers achieve their industrial coating goals can also help you protect your parts and equipment from the debilitating effects of corrosion.

If you have applications that require thermal spray coatings, our team at Secoa Technology can help you access the specific coating solutions you need to achieve optimum results.

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