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Metal Surface Finishing for Precision Tool Applications

Metal Surface Finishing for Precision Tool Applications

The wear and tear of metallic components can be greatly minimized through the application of metal surface finishing. Other than aesthetic concerns, there are many reasons why industrial applications benefit from this service. For example, they help enhance resistance to torque, electrical conductivity, and solderability, in addition to other benefits. At Secoa Technology, we provide high-quality metal finishing services that can enhance the function of your precision tools.

Surface Quality

Through the process of anodizing, metallic precision tools can achieve significant wear and rust resistance. This process deters the effects of abrasion and enables precision angle plates and surface plates to retain their accuracy for the long term.

At Secoa Technology, we have licensed applicators of DiamonDyze™ which is a nano-ceramic technology that can produce a degree of smoothness on the surface greater than that of a standard anodizing process. Precision tools can achieve improved accuracy and longer service life through the application of this technology.


Anodizing is a common process for improving the durability of a metallic surface. Through anodization, an aluminum surface is converted into aluminum oxide through electrolytic passivation. The resulting surface is highly resistant to abrasive wear. The DiamonDyze™ technology we offer at Secoa Technology creates an even greater degree of wear resistance, producing an exceptionally durable surface.

Reduce Corrosion

By removing abrasions at the microscopic level through the process of metal finishing, the potential for wear and tear on metallic surfaces is greatly reduced. Due to the reduction of friction involved, any abrasion development is greatly minimized, enabling precision tools to function effectively with a longer service life than they might normally have without the application of this finishing process.

At Secoa Technology, we have decades of experience in providing metal coating and metal surface finishing services to our customers. We can help you achieve the results you need through the application of cost-effective solutions for your project.’

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