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Mold Coating Options for Increased Productivity

Mold Coating Options for Increased Productivity

At Secoa Metal Finishing, through the state-of-the-art equipment we operate, we are able to manage molds that range in size from only a few inches to 20 feet in length with a width of 6 feet. We utilize release coatings that help you do away with release sprays that cause a mess and are expensive to apply and re-apply. Our mold coating products can help you enhance your productivity and make your molds usable for a longer period of time between cleanings.

Mold Release Coating Benefits

Release agents are crucial aspect of the molding operations of a company. These coatings deliver important protection between a substrate and the molding surface, enabling much easier separation of the cured portion from the mold. Without the introduction of this barrier, the substrate naturally becomes stuck to the mold surface, which leads to a challenging cleanup situation and a definite loss in production efficiency.

Companies utilizing polyurethane bonding agents or other original chemical adhesive systems for the rebonding of crumb rubber from recycled tires can make use of mold release coatings. An exceptional property of these coatings is their ability to deliver excellent release without interfering with the bonding of particles, which is crucial for the production of a part having a long service life.

Some frequently used mold coating applications include:

Crumb Rubber Mat Molds

Molds such as crumb rubber mat molds utilize polyurethanes catalyzed by isocyanates with distinctive properties. Various types of mold coatings are effective with the scenarios.

Tire Molds

Mold release coatings are also available to help manufacturers of large tires keep their molds in operation for extended periods of time.

Tire and other industrial manufacturers know how important it is to use mold release coatings for the quality and longevity of their molds and tire production operations. The mold coatings we provide deliver the required lubrication and protection to lengthen the service life of components and enhance product quality.

Miscellaneous Parts

Mold coating products are available for molds involving a wide range of miscellaneous parts – everything from golf balls to boots.

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