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What Are the Most Common Types of Metal Finishing?

What Are the Most Common Types of Metal Finishing?

There are many different options in metal finishing. The choices range from the specific coatings applied to the techniques and methods used to apply the coating to the surface. The goal of each metal finishing process is to provide a specific protective coating to the surface of the metal, and many of these coatings can also be used on a range of different materials.

As a general guideline, the coatings and techniques used in metal finishing make a part or component less resistant to wear. They can also provide protection from oxidation and rusting, damage from corrosive materials, and even protection from high-temperature types of applications.

The most common coatings are used across a range of different industries. Different finishing options are ideal for automotive parts and components, in the manufacturing of cooking utensils and baking supplies, in aerospace components as well as in the medical device industry. Coatings can also be used in food and beverage processing systems, water and utility companies and for coatings on industrial equipment and manufacturing devices.

Powder Coating

There are different options in powder coating based on the desired end results. Epoxy, polyester, and fluoropolymer coatings are ideal for numerous applications. Epoxy and polymer coatings are ideal for general use and for anti-corrosion protection.

The choice of fluoropolymer coatings is often recommended by our staff for high temperature, low friction requirements combined with high levels of resistance to corrosive materials. Nylon powder coating is often recommended if abrasion resistance is a key factor in addition to corrosion and chemical resistance.

Anti-Rust Coatings

For many types of parts and component, preventing rust from developing on the surface due to water or humidity, exposure is a primary concern. Depending on the additional properties required, these coatings can be very low cost for specific waterproofing, or they can include additional coating options for improved performance even in very difficult working conditions.

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