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Choosing the Right Metal Finishing Option

Choosing the Right Metal Finishing Option

Are you an expert in metal finishing? Probably not, right? That’s why it pays to work with experts. Our team at Secoa Metal Finishing will your work with you to choose the best possible metal finishing option for your project. Different processes and finishing choices can be selected to enhance the performance of the parts or components and to offer an economical solution to your metal finishing needs.

To ensure the best possible metal coating and process is selected, there are a few important factors to consider. Our team will ask a lot of questions about the part or component, which is essential in narrowing down metal finishing possibilities to the ones that are the best match for the job.

Base Metal or Material

It is essential to match the coating or the finishing with the base metal or alloy. This is a consideration in the process as well. Our team has experience in working with standard types of metals and alloys, and we also work with a variety of exotic and specialized types of materials, including composite materials, plastics, and even glass or wood.

End Results Desired

Different types of finishes or coatings are ideal for different end results. For example, powder coating on metal is ideal for rust proofing, but it also offers a significant level of production from corrosive materials and chemicals.

For some parts, particularly with direct metal on metal contact, metal finishing can provide a highly durable coat that is resistant to wear. Other types of coatings can be used to create a true anti-stick surface, which reduces friction in addition to adding lubrication to the surface of the part or component.

Other issues to consider when choosing any metal finishing option is the specifics of the operation. Temperature, exposure to potentially damaging chemicals or corrosive elements, as well as the presence of oil, grease, or other types of lubricants should all be carefully considered before making a final selection.

To find out the best metal finishing option for your next project, contact our team at 706-272-0133. We can provide options, pricing, and benefits for any coatings we recommend.