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Why You Should Use an Epoxy Powder Coating

Why You Should Use an Epoxy Powder Coating

Powder coatings are becoming increasingly popular in the coatings market for the coating of metals. Ranging from a child’s first bicycle in pink to a massive pipeline channeling oil across vast distances, an epoxy powder coating can protect against repeated mechanical stresses, weather, and other environmental challenges often faced by the end-use application. At Secoa Technology, we are one of the most reliable finishing companies in the industry and can provide the proper protective coating that can prevent the formation of chips, cracks, rust, and blisters which can lead to failure of the material being coated.

Basic Features of Epoxy Coating

An epoxy is created by polymerizing or combining a resin and a hardener with a specified catalyst. The result is a curing process in which an epoxy is produced that has high mechanical properties, and great temperature and chemical resistance. The chemistry of epoxies and variations in the curing process enable them to be created with a very broad range of properties. In addition, these properties can be modified for greater thermal insulation, or thermal conductivity combined with high electrical resistance depending on the application. At Secoa Technology, we can create a coating for your application that fits best within your project budget.

Epoxy Powder Coating Benefits

There are numerous benefits to using an industrial epoxy powder coating.

Powder coatings made from epoxy are a tough, lasting, and durable coating for metals. Their excellent hardness and resistance to impact and abrasions improves the performance of products over liquid coatings. They help maintain the performance of important equipment so production can run efficiently which ultimately improves the bottom line.

The process to make powder coatings ensures that their appearance and color is consistent throughout. This can be important when aesthetics and decoration play a significant role in the application.

An epoxy powder coating has insulation properties that make it effective as a high dielectric insulator on copper or aluminum conductors. For cable installations, it negates concerns of cut-through or high-voltage spikes providing an insulation that reduces the need for costly and time-consuming lamination processes.

At Secoa Technology, we have over 50 years of experience in the coatings industry and can work with you to formulate a coating for your specific application, whether it is prolonged exposure to sunlight, resistance to chipping, the ability to survive in highly corrosive environments, or any other need you may have.