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Advantages of Powder Coating Over Paint

Advantages of Powder Coating Over Paint

Powder coating is commonly used in industrial settings to protect materials from corrosion, wear, and rust, as well as enhance performance. Since the middle of the 20th century, powder coating has been a popular process for protective and decorative finishes in the manufacturing sector. It is used in many manufacturing settings. The durability of powder coating and its other benefits is without question. At Secoa Technology, we offer an extensive range of protective powder coating options to help you meet your project requirements.

How Powder Coating Works

It is important to understand how powder coating works and why it is a more advantageous choice for many applications than wet painting. Through an electrostatic process, organic powder is applied to the surface of an object. This involves the application of charged particles to effectively paint a metal part, component, or object that requires a protective and/or decorative finish.

Powder coating delivers an excellent finish that negates many issues associated with wet paint. Some of the reasons why powder coating is the superior choice to wet painting include:

Performance and Durability of Powder Coating

Because of the bonding process involved, powder coating is highly resistant to corrosion, chemicals, weather, chipping, scratching, and general wear and tear. In addition, the application of powder coating provides a more uniform result that does not run or drip. As well, the colors applied through powder coating can remain vibrant for a longer period than through the application of wet painting. The result is a high quality, attractive, and durable finish.

Environment and Safety

Powder coating is free from harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals that can lead to problems during and after application. Disposing of powder coating is not necessary – any overspray can be reused or recirculated. Also, the fire threats and health issues associated with paint are not present with powder coating. In addition, it cures relatively quickly, often in less than 30 minutes.

A number of different customized finishing textures and colors can be used with powder coating. In addition, this form of coating can handle bending actions without cracking or flaking.

At Secoa Technology, we can help your products benefit from the durability of powder coating. Call us today at (706) 272-0133 to get started.